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It’s a fact. Now more than ever, video content is an essential tool at the heart of any marketing strategy. We bet you have already understood that since you are here. You also know that search engines and social media trends are rewarding high-quality video productions, which inevitably helps you with reaching a wider audience while strengthening your brand. Now how do you go about making your project a reality? Well, simply present your idea to Clash and our dedicated team will help you achieve your vision throughout every step of the way. Our mission: enable you to attract, retain and build your customer base through video content that is intelligent, creative and memorable.

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Devoted to your project, from start to finish


Every remarkable video production starts with a good planning. After evaluating the resources, deadlines and budget, the concept will be broken down into a work plan or story-board. Pre-production is also the phase where casting, scouting and artistic research take place. We then ensure the availability of the various participants, equipment and filming location.


Time to shoot! The Production phase is the most exciting of  the process. All the professionals have gathered on set to capture the beautiful images that will make up your project. Camera movements, lighting techniques, framing, image stabilization, sound recording are some of the many aspects of filmmaking that our team of enthusiasts master extremely well.


Once the audio-visual material has been captured and stored on our server, the Post-Production team takes the lead. The footage is processed with a wide array of professional softwares to organize the content, give it a rhythm and obtain the desired aesthetics. At this stage, we carefully look at every little detail to make sure that we provide you with the best possible picture and sound.

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Whether you want to produce a corporate video, a commercial, an informative capsule or even a music video, we will be more than happy to put our ingenuity to work to create a tailor-made solution. A video production in your image, one you will be proud of.

We are always on the lookout for the latest technologies to provide our customers with the best in quality of image, sound and flexibility. Our RED Dragon 5K cameras allow us to obtain stunning color in ultra-high resolution.

In addition, thanks to our DaVinci Resolve color grading station, we have all the tools at our disposal to make the most of the immense latitude offered by RAW images.

Our arsenal also includes various systems allowing us to perform complex camera movements (motion control, stabilization, dolly etc.). Finally, our Motion Design specialists make it possible to integrate superb animations, graphics, 3D tracking and special effects into our productions.